Category: multiple sclerosis

On movement/balance focus

I feel that my movement has marginally improved since I’ve been improving my mental focus on taking longer strides (to stretch out), lifting my feet, being aware of my balance, and keeping my core muscles engaged. Another thing I’ve started doing recently that I think is helping, is hard to define. I think of it…
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2020-02-16 0

MS: Recharging the batteries

One thing I’m observing about myself and learning, is that MS fatigue is not always constant or predictable. MS fatigue seems to be a combination of mental and physical – although I wonder if it’s mostly mental, which in turn affects the physical. Whether it hits of a sudden due to the effects of heat…
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2020-01-29 0

MS:Overheating/stress & recovery

So I’ve experienced a fair bit of overheating this summer, and knowing the effects on my MS has made it much more manageable – at least when I recognise a likely bad situation before heading into it. It’s got me to thinking of analysing in more detail which exact causes of heat tend to trigger…
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2020-01-25 0