Tag: multiple sclerosis

Return to work(place)

So finally COVID is calming where we are to where my workplace is having people come back to the office. I’m sure it will be different to before (pump sanitisers everywhere, maybe something to do with COVID testing, etc), yet it fills me with equal parts eagerness and trepidation. One the one hand, more opportunities…
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2020-09-25 0

Neural plasticity for the win

So my MS has advanced to where my right leg is decidedly stiffer/more spastic upon normal speed movement, and in general. Along with the usual litany of other stuff. However I’ve been noticing in the last couple of days a subtle change in that leg. Even though decent balance is still a fairly manual concentration…
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2020-08-20 0

Overanalysing daily MS variation

Some days I feel fairly good, some I just feel weaker/more foot drop/more spastic. Why? Why? I’m not sure, but can drive myself around the bend trying to analyse it. It could be that it’s a colder day, and my job involves a lot of sitting in front of a computer. It could be that…
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2020-08-11 0