AU telco port blocking

So to avoid paying thru the nose to host a Terraria server for my son on AWS (I figured it was a way to have more control over what he connects to), I figured I’d host at home. Simples, right? Nope. Seems AU telco’s (mine at least) disallow certain ports inbound to a house. They…
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2021-01-23 0

My MS after yr2 Mavenclad

I’m now a couple of months post my year 2 Mavenclad treatment. Bloods have come back, and my lymphocytes are holding relatively steady at 0.7 – a long way from the 2.1 pre treatment beginning, but still reasonable. I don’t feel my actual MS has worsened notably since treatment. I think most seeming sliding is…
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2021-01-22 0