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Easing back into physio

So since the move I’d yet to get back into physiotherapy. In my condition I needed it, however as I’m not approved for NDIS it’s too expensive to have as much as I need. Then out of the blue a random MS survey I did for Murdoch University led to me being selected for an…
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2020-05-09 0

CoViD-19. Wow.

In truth I’m not sure what to make of it all. I’ve just seen a company-wide memo that with schools announced to close Tuesday we’ll be working from home unless our role needs us not to. It’s an eventuality our company prepared for in the last few weeks, yet it’s still kind of surreal. Thank…
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2020-03-24 0

I need something to work my legs

The thing about “just walk more” with MS is, you don’t want to when it’s a painfully slow lurch to go places. You may have people with you, you may not have unlimited time, you have the risk of falling over. One of the things I appreciated most about my physiotherapist sessions (not liked, but…
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2020-03-06 0