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Lifestyle / family changes

Since diagnosis my life has changed dramatically. It had already begun it’s trajectory before diagnosis (I had just changed jobs for the first time in a decade), yet with the worsening of symptoms and eventual diagnosis, life crystallised and suddenly changes we’d been subconsciously yearning for were thrust upon us. We were forced to give…
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2020-05-14 0

Prevalence of conspiracy theories over time

With COVID-19, Trump, 5G, etc there are scads of new conspiracy theories at the present time. Why? Yes, I understand it’s a stressful moment in history, however shouldn’t we be evolving out of belief in such things by now? Perhaps it’s an increasing number of people hitting their natural limits of tanking things they don’t…
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2020-05-10 0

Easing back into physio

So since the move I’d yet to get back into physiotherapy. In my condition I needed it, however as I’m not approved for NDIS it’s too expensive to have as much as I need. Then out of the blue a random MS survey I did for Murdoch University led to me being selected for an…
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2020-05-09 0