Amazon AWS Help

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AWS is utterly awesome – once you understand it. Until then, it’s a foreign language. Possibly one most non techies never learn. I love to use AWS, and I’m happy to share the knowledge.

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My hosting platform of choice is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I am experienced at:

  • setting up (Windows and Linux) hosting environments using EC2 (cloud servers),
  • VPC (virtual network layout),
  • ELB (load balancing, for scaling up or just minimising upgrade downtimes),
  • EIP (public static IP addressing – good if you don’t need ELB),
  • SES (mail serving – Amazon have an amazing mail sending capability, but there are tricky hoops to jump thru in setup),
  • RDS  (dedicated database hosting – more control and easy data replication setup for data security).

I charge by the hour, and can offer support over email, phone, VOIP, in person, etc. Obviously in person has the potential to be the most productive – less understanding is lost in translation when you can see one another,  and you can observe how to do it yourself.