Stuff I like helping with

Which is to say, things I do every day

I like to get websites off the ground, for myself or for you. Once you commit to getting it started, it’s easy as pie for a professional or yourself to tweak it.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is utterly awesome – once you understand it. Until then, it’s a foreign language. Possibly one most non techies never learn. I love to use AWS, and I’m happy to share the knowledge.

My Skillset

This is where I give you an arbitrary (but very high) score for myself in platforms I'm competent in.

  • Amazon Web Services

    EC2, RDS, ELB, SES

  • WordPress

    Install/configure, Woocommerce

  • Drupal

    Install/configure, Views, Rules

  • Magento



Sole trader for teh win
Ben Helps
Boss, drone, sales, growth hacker, IT, accounts. You name it.
By the way in case you hadn’t guessed it – I’m Ben Helps.
Novocastrian, coffee swilling, agnostic, freelancing, website developing, home
business driven, tinkerer, wannabe handyman, devoted husband and father.
The whole point of being a sole trader is that, well, you kind of work for (and by) yourself.

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