Hey there, looks like you found me

It's Ben Helps. What gave it away? This is my home for all things personal, as well as where I take notes on my web development projects (public and private).

If you'd like a simple website developed cheaply, make your case to me. As this is only a side income earner for me, I don't take on many projects. Also, my development platform of choice is Drupal, and while it can do almost anything, it does it it's way. It's quick to put up a Drupal site if using Drupal the way it was intended. It's a long and arduous process to put up a Drupal site when trying to use it against the grain.

Find me on Drupal

Also I'm getting into Magento lately. It's a bit of a handfull, but out of the box it's a very capable e-commerce platform