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who helps you?

I’m Ben Helps. What gave it away? This is my home for all things personal, as well as where I take notes on my tech development projects (public and private).

This serves as a quick and rough place for me to jot down my thoughts, personal and otherwise; as my CV; as a simple place to practice my website hosting tweaks.

If you’d like a simple website developed, make your case to me. As this is only a side income earner for me, I don’t take on many projects.

My development platform of choice is WordPress. While in the past it was nothing more than a simple blogging platform, recent versions have shown marked improvements – more so than my long time favourite Drupal. Given it dominates the market on quality free themes, it’s easy for clients to understand, and it can auto apply security/plugin updates it’s a shoe-in for website projects.

While not an expert I also have some experience setting up home automation. My own home includes smart power, lighting, blinds, TV, a/c, motion/climate sensors, and voice assistants for intercom, house calls and voice commands.

My blog is simply somewhere for me to get my thoughts down from time to time; I truly do not care if not another soul reads it.