Hey there, looks like you found me

It’s Ben Helps. What gave it away? This is my home for all things personal, as well as where I take notes on my tech development projects (public and private).

If you’d like a simple website developed, make your case to me. As this is only a side income earner for me, I don’t take on many projects.

My development platform of choice is WordPress. While in the past it was nothing more than a simple blogging platform, recent versions have shown marked improvements – more so than my long time favourite Drupal, I’d have to say. Given it also has the market cornered on quality free themes and it’s easy for clients to understand, it’s a shoe-in for website projects.

While I am not an expert, I also have some experience setting up home automation. My own home has smart sockets, lights, motion/climate sensors, etc, and auto actions triggered by the same.