Remember how to live without the internet

The internet is great. It enhances our lives and allows us to do things we could only have dreamed mere decades ago. However I worry our society’s mad rush to embrace the marketability of tech leads to us endangering ourselves. Our critical infrastructure is accessible online. We rely upon power to protect our food, keep Read more about Remember how to live without the internet[…]

OpenHab, WirelessTag, Wemo, awesome!

OK, so I’ve got a basic openHAB server running at home. Some more sensors I’d ordered have arrived, and I’ve pottered my way through integrating them with the server. I’ve done some experiments with defining some local server rules and fleshing out the house “dashboard” some. Here’s what/how.   Firstly, some ingredients. I’m presently running Read more about OpenHab, WirelessTag, Wemo, awesome![…]

OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea

We’re planning to build a new house. My wife has dived into most areas of the build, however I’ve been handed control over it’s (assumed) automation setup. While everything will be budget affected, I believe I should be able to create a reasonably sophisticated home automation setup – and by my current testing, I’m inclined Read more about OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea[…]