OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea

We’re planning to build a new house. My wife has dived into most areas of the build, however I’ve been handed control over it’s (assumed) automation setup. While everything will be budget affected, I believe I should be able to create a reasonably sophisticated home automation setup – and by my current testing, I’m inclined Read more about OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea[…]

Some further U8 Smartwatch tips

A little while ago I wrote about The U8 Smartwatch – My Tips A Month In. Since then it occurred that a few little tips/quirks of the smartwatch have never been mentioned anywhere (that I’ve seen). 1. The BTNotifier.apk app. Something that occurred to me early on was to have it push notifications to the smartwatch Read more about Some further U8 Smartwatch tips[…]