Node-red for website integrations?

Recently while pottering around with Internet of Things (IoT) / home automation I happened across node-red. It appears its basic premise is that it enables IoT integrations – which immediately had me wondering what other types of integrations it could do. In particular, could it integrate higher level web services and platforms (e.g. Woocommerce, Shopify, Read more about Node-red for website integrations?[…]

Woocommerce cart volume

Should be easy, right? I mean, when you create a product you are offered built in fields to fill out for weight, width, length and height. However I’ve been finding it anything but easy. After scouring the woocommerce support forums without luck, I ended visiting #wordpress on freenode for help. While No-one there specifically knew Read more about Woocommerce cart volume[…]

WooCommerce 2.4.1 – that was quick…

So last night I got a notifier to update to WooCommerce 2.4.0. No big deal. However this morning I got a notifier to update to WC 2.4.1 – a matter of hours since the last (arguably more major) update. From the changelog: 2.4.1 – 10/08/2015 Fix – Tweaked the 2.4 upgrade routine to disable refund Read more about WooCommerce 2.4.1 – that was quick…[…]