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Can the user interface affect creativity and mindset?

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So I recently got bored with my phone desktop and changed it – this time from a minimal, side slide tray, to a Windows 8/10 metro tiles look. This affects how the overflow apps (I have and use a LOT of apps) are stored and displayed, as the tiled layout only allows for so many apps to be prominently displayed on the homepage.

That led me to wonder if/how such differences of what we see on an interface, how easily we see/find it etc, could affect our thought processes.

Later… I’m back on my (mobile) desktop of choice now, after the “Windows metro tile” style desktop I was using reset. I have to say, having your frequent apps right in front of you on the main screen made for more frequent and quicker use of those apps. Given all other apps were just served in an alphabetic list, it made those harder to find (having to remember the actual app name).