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Do we need a real social platform for B2B?

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no_linkedin-120x120An ongoing court case against LinkedIn has just been given the green light again, allowing them to (attempt to) be taken to task about their spammy behaviour. I’ve long been wary of LinkedIn’s methods (and oddly, about their platform design, the clunkiness of which give it a vibe of unprofessionalism to me).

I assume that they are either desperately afraid of becoming irrelevant,  desperately trying to drive stockholder value at the expense of maintaining a userbase, or perhaps their marketing department just need to be fired.

In any case – do we need a business centred social network, or do the handful of general social networks out there fulfil the need? For me it’s always been Facebook for family and friends, Twitter for up-to-date info and following key pundits, and Google+ for tech nerd stuff. But could any of those adequately encroach on LinkedIn’s territory to replace it (I assume even their incidental advances are giving LinkedIn nightmares)

Food for thought.