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Even scammers feeling the pinch?

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Is it just me or has there been quite an uptick in recent years of bot calls, survey calls towards investment hams/scams, crude mail scam attempts, phone security dept scams, etc?

Could it be that even scammers are feeling the economic pinch? Maybe more people are falling on scamming to attempt to make a living. How long until it becomes an acceptable form of “side hustle”? It doesn’t feel that different to sidewalk dudes getting money out of you by word tricks, card tricks, shell games, etc (except in scale of impact).

Honestly if I get another call from an “investment” firm or someone who wants participants for a survey that just happens to end with a question about how much you’d invest. I’m tempted to store hideous sounds on the phone to play them (or ideally some tones that could mess with a modern phone system somehow).

But I know that while they are not exactly/necessarily innocent, nor will harrassing them make a dent in being passed around on lists of live numbers.

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