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Exercising body and mind

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So I’ve recently started trialling a wheelchair. I don’t flat out need one yet, however I’m renting one to prepare for it. And in doing so I’ve discovered just how much more I need to exercise, and oddly how a wheelchair makes that more achievable.

It’s easy to be more motivated to exercise when 1) you remove the balance and foot drop trials out of walking, and 2) toning yourself produces immediately observable results e.g. I can now roll down the way and back, to check the Post Office.

I’m learning about the best ways to handle (heavy, self closing) doors, about slopes (particularly sideways slopes), wheelchair “accessible” places, different quality wheelchairs, popping a mono to handle gutters, and how much I need to tone my arms towards the task.

Oh and side note – I’ve finally succumbed and joined the Wordle craze. It’s surprisingly addictive, and a nice bite sized chunk of thinking compared to a sudoku or crossword. Here’s a recent one I liked.