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Fine. Node-red, meet Grafana

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OK, finally getting around to learning Grafana. For me the first learning curve was discovering that they really don’t want to describe what the structure of a table used as data should look like.

In the end I just made up my own simple table with only date_time, item and val columns. It seemed to satisfy Grafana.

Well, it wasn’t that simple. By design my node-red H.A. doesn’t use a database – rather it uses a frequently updated json object to track it’s state and history. So I had to install mysql and wire up some H.A. inputs to it.

Next things will be some longer term data I’ve not bothered storing yet – daily data for things like min/max/avg/sd temp/lux/rh, power draw / cost estimates, events and alerts. Also, learning a bit about packaging grafana graphs etc into appealing dashboards.