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FoxTel et al should be suing NBN Co for destroying their biz model

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I’ve been avidly watching NBN dramas unfold lately – after all, I live in Australia so will have to “downgrade” from low level ADSL to the NBN too soon myself. And the vast majority of people’s complaints tend to involve peak hour congestion damaging their NBN connection to the extent that they can’t stream media to their home. Given that I’m surprised FoxTel, Netflix and the like haven’t banded together in a class again against the government for the NBN’s FTTN damaging their business.

After all, if you can’t stream TV to your home at the time of night you want to watch it, what’s left but to download it to your home in advance while you’re at work. And what streaming providers give you easy control of that? If the NBN is as bad as a vast amount of reports indicate, it looks like I’ll have do download my TV during the day – and presently torrents seem to be the most reliable way to do that.