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GalaGreat’s GalaRing – great idea, only OK execution

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galaringI grabbed a Galaring – more because I decided I wanted one and it was the only one I found released, than for any aesthetic/pricing reason. By and large I’d have to say John McLear is spot on. No idea what it’s made of – I assumed steel before buying it, as titanium seemed a bit far fetched. Certainly wearing it does create effects like he mentioned.

Also after some wear mine has micro scratches all over the metal, which I’m not sure whether titanium would exhibit. I ordered the biggest (not many options), figuring it would be a better gamble. It is a bit loose on my pinky finger, fits snugly on the next finger, and is too small for the other 2 fingers.

The main sad thing is that it’s readability is very lacking. My Nexus 4 has a cheap rubber/plastic cover, and while many other NFC things have been easily readable through it (stickers, etc), the Galaring is only readable if the phone is naked.

Sigh, so now I’m on the hunt for a Nexus 4 bumper case – will see if/how that helps. They sound to be quite good protectors, from anecdotes of users.