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How can humanity resolve its baser instincts?

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When it comes to contentious issues both “sides” of the political landscape vie to out emote each other in a mud slinging match. While I might consider myself more left than right leaning, both extremes are equally guilty of similar histrionics, whether it’s the alt right haters and other zealots,  or the extreme left that believe any insulting verbal utterance should result in gaol time.

Neither side seems to really want things to improve – they just want everyone to agree with their point of view. What chance does humanity have of evolving while all we do is bicker and debate the semantics of arguments rather than address the topics of those arguments?

Further, how can we seek to improve the general human condition (which will take generations) without such lame notions as ethics testing the ability to procreate or raising children in a system sanitised of parentage?

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Human rights and compassion aren’t dirty words