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OpenHab, WirelessTag, Wemo, awesome!

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Screenshot_2016-06-05-12-19-54-48OK, so I’ve got a basic openHAB server running at home. Some more sensors I’d ordered have arrived, and I’ve pottered my way through integrating them with the server. I’ve done some experiments with defining some local server rules and fleshing out the house “dashboard” some. Here’s what/how.


Firstly, some ingredients. I’m presently running openHAB on my D-Link DNS-320 NAS “home server”. Getting java running on that is a story in itself – suffice it to say that the DNS-320 is a very capable unit, particularly after you install Fonz fun plug on it to open it up.

I’m using Wemo power points to control when things are powered or not, newly arrived WirelessTag sensors to report on temperature, humidity and motion around the place. I have various other things around, but they currently aren’t hooked up to the home server.

So after getting openHAB working on the D-Link, it was a piece of cake to get the Wemo’s integrated. They are great like that – they’ll happily talk to an authenticated Wemo cloud server, but they’ll just as happily talk to a local server as well.

The WirelessTag sensors were a bit more work to integrate, as unfortunately they appear to utterly require a WirelessTag cloud server to operate – even the home server has to request data from the local sensors via the cloud! Oh well.

More to come.

Also (in case you missed it), here’s Part 1.