Automation components in our home include: lights with LIFX, power points with Wemo/Kasa/Tapo, IR/RF (TV, blinds) with Broadlink, A/C with Switchbot, vertical blinds with Kogan blinds driver, voice (commands, queries, alarms, home/remote intercom) with Google Home Minis, sensors (lux, temperature, RH, motion) with WirelessTag.

This is all tied together by various systems (e.g. branded phone apps, node-red server VM for lights/air automations), Google mini’s for all voice components.

IFTTT and OpenHAB used to provide various automations, however I retired the OpenHAB server on moving and I retired IFTTT on their pricing model changing.

Other devices include a NAS, a Hyper-V host server, a single VM housing node-red, OpenVPN and pihole (the Hyper-V host is not large).

Host: Kogan G400, Win 10 Pro, Hyper V

VM: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I/O: ethernet, WiFi/AP, Bluetooth, IR, 433Mhz RF, Zigbee.

I/O routing from Windows host h/w to Linux VM: USB redirector.