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Some further U8 Smartwatch tips

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uwatch-u8-bluetooth-touch-screen-smart-watch-android-iphone-red-myshop8-1406-07-MyShop8@3A little while ago I wrote about The U8 Smartwatch – My Tips A Month In. Since then it occurred that a few little tips/quirks of the smartwatch have never been mentioned anywhere (that I’ve seen).

1. The BTNotifier.apk app. Something that occurred to me early on was to have it push notifications to the smartwatch from… itself. Why? It only sends one when it connects, and it’s a good cue that the connection is working properly for notifications.

2. (Re)connecting the bluetooth. A shortcut when it’s disconnected is left button then right button.

3. The on/off button works like the home button on an android device, when the phone is awake. You can connect to the music app, start the pedometer, etc, then press home to fet back to the main screen without cancelling the app/connection.

4. If the buttons are misbehaving (like all buttons answering as the middle one) try wiping the face down, and dehumidifying the smartwatch – the touchscreen doesn’t like moisture, water drops, etc.

5. The temperature gauge. YMMV but mine reads consistently about 7-8C hotter than reality. As long as you know that, you can figure the real temp out.

6. If you have nothing plugged into your phone the music output is piped to the smartwatch but (much more usefully) if you have the headphone jack engaged (say, to get music to the car radio via an FM transmitter) the smartwatch music app controls the car audio.