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Is our love with online services tainting our social networking? Or, the evils of social automation

While Twitter is still about people, almost despite the marketeered-to company follow-zombies, more of us are (perhaps unwittingly) shooting ourselves in the foot on Twitter in much the same way. Twitter is full of company and marketeering follow-bots. You know the type – at best they look like interesting accounts and you follow them, only…
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2014-06-22 0

New breed of mobile apps – Intuitives

Intuitive. Gotta be careful typing it or I’ll sound like I’m talking about eskimos. adjective: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive. Lately I’ve been all about intuitive apps. Apps that just take care of themselves, of their specialty domain, or at least that only require initial…
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2014-06-17 0