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Fines for ICE cars parking in EV charge bays

So, here’s a thought/question. I wonder if EVs can plug into a public EV charger without actively charging? If so, it seems that as the ratio of EVs to charging bays shifts, and where such bays are sought after parks (location or scarcity of parks), that some unscrupulous EV drivers will be induced to “faux”…
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2022-01-30 0

EVs: questions, so many questions

I’m seriously considering our next car being an EV – pure or series hybrid. But there are so many issues to be resolved: 1. New or used? This depends somewhat on price – for me $30-35k is the tipping point for considering buying new. 2. Alternatively how to gauge a good used car? (mostly, how…
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2021-11-13 0