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Quick DNS fix (for when your telco has borked your gaming domains again, etc)

When I encounter DNS poisoning, device crippling, or other tampering/network breakage, I tend to just edit the hosts flie of the computer I’m using to route around it. Not (normally) ideal but a quick way to resolve the problem on a domain by domain basis. On Windows 10 edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts or on linux (and hence…
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2017-11-11 0

A Duh moment with DNS

So recently Amazon told me our database server version is deprecated and we’ll soon need to upgrade. No problem, spin up a test server from a snapshot, test and when happy rename the test database server to the live name, right? No. Amazon do not let you restore a snapshot into an existing instance, and…
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2017-03-10 0