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PayPal IPN system upgrading TLS version

I believe as of the last 36 hours ( @20180629 ) PayPal is upgrading their SSL requirements for merchants to TLSv1.2. As a merchant we’re seeing failures of our IPN handling system to complete PayPal IPN notifications, because the PayPal IPN system is responding with 4** errors. I’m guessing that many many merchants suddenly need…
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2018-06-29 0

Did PayPal AU just screw the pooch with Australian vendors?

We just had an odd bug on an order today. It was paid via PayPal, however it charged no GST. I investigated and while I could see no problem with our site, I assumed it was more likely an error with our site than PayPal itself. Seems I was wrong. On speaking to PayPal tech…
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2016-09-16 0