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Rejigging the home network

I’ve been tinkering with pihole at home with a thought to throwing it live across the home network, however prior to that I’ve been planning to rebuild the network to be more orderly. I finally got motivated last night, so I created a spreadsheet of my intended network layout (reservations, spaces for growth, DHCP pool)…
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2020-12-30 0

Pi-hole pitfalls

So I figured I’d just squeeze a pi-hole install on my tiny Ubuntu VM that’s already doing node-red and OpenVPN. How hard could it be? It turns out, kinda hard. Or at least, it doesn’t always install straightforwardly. After install on a standard Ubuntu 18.04.4 VM, I had to fiddle with www-data/pihole user/group permissions, as…
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2020-11-21 0