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Changes to political spam law loopholes

So at the moment in Australia we’re being “terrorised” by political spam from the Palmer party, along the lines of “all other parties/vaccination are evil, vote for us, free horse dewormer for all”. OK, maybe I exaggerate a little, but it’s still a slimy tactic. Our anti spam laws have loopholes for “political” spam that’s…
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2021-09-18 0

In Australia, politics has screwed itself ( and the rest of us )

It seems our political parties have ensured that only one of the main 2 parties, Labor or Liberal (think Democrat or Republican) will ever be in power. Most people (tho voting is compulsory here) are rarely voting FOR a party so much as they are voting AGAINST a party, and the way preferences work the…
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2019-03-10 0