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AU: Solar storage may be required. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m not sure if it’s a journalist’s speculation, government speculation of something with an actual plan, however the article certainly raised some debate in the comments. Personally I don’t know why you would opt for solar without some level of batteries. It’s like having a phone solar charger that’s only a solar rather than a…
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2017-06-18 0

Logitech K760 Solar bluetooth keyboard. Not cheap, but frikkin awesome!

I was hesitant about laying down that much for a Bluetooth keyboard, knowing how cheap I could get a chinese one, but I’m soo glad I did. Not only does this baby have proper (and proper sized) mechanical feeling keys, it also supports toggling between 3 different Bluetooth connections, and amazingly doesn’t require any charging…
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2015-02-18 0