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Locking down “brochure” style websites between upgrades

What remaining sites I have parked on my servers generally fit this description. Or, sites that the owners really should have taken yet, but I’m still hosting 😛 Given these sites don’t change much, between updates I just lock them down with sudo chmod -R u-w /var/www. They are all normally 550, but I briefly…
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2021-04-15 0

Oof. You think your WP site is secure, then BOOM

I happened to be tinkering on my website, so I saw it get compromised in relatively real time. Thankfully the nature of the compromise was such that it 1) didn’t pwn the whole server, and 2) didn’t plant hooks in the database, or attempt to mine it for (non existant) commercial info. I keep my…
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2021-03-05 0