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The saga of the “Bauhn” bluetooth speakers continues

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T1WWfQXaVcXXaiRGo0_033937_0This product is one of the very few cheap items I’ve bought that is truly worth it’s (hefty) weight. But, where has it disappeared to?

I’ve been using the “Bauhn” bluetooth speakers at home almost daily now for some time, and apart from some surface rust of the mesh it’s as solid as when I first got it.

Update: It recently had a 30kg fence fall on it while it was resting on bricks. The result – just some cracks in the case!

 The quantity of searches that lead to my previous post on it hints that it’s a hot button topic (or at least product type). However I’ve been sadly unable to find any references to the product online, and have come to the conclusion that it was a one off sale item at Aldi.

 However recently I was in JB HiFi when I noticed the exact same product on the shelf – in different colours (fluoro), under a different brand/name! It is now $49.90 from YellowStone (guess they realised it’s quality), but one hopes it’s still the same under the hood.