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U8 Smartwatch FAQ

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I’ve just had a massive influx of U8 smartwatch visits in the last day or so, and I assume it’s due to new Christmas presents.

Some of those searches continue a few common themes of questions, so I thought I’d answer them here (as I’m not sure if they are finding clear answers out there otherwise).

  1. Can I change the (watch)face on the U8? YES – however only to one of the 4 faces that come with the watch (from memory 2 digital 2 analog). You can change it in Settings. You cannot however load your own (or any other) faces onto the watch.
  2. Can I load games or apps onto the U8? Simple answer – NO. Like loading custom faces above, the watch is simply too simplistic for that – there is simply no easy way to load any extra software onto the watch.
  3. Why doesn’t the camera work? Both the camera and music player apps can be fiddly, though in thuth I think it’s the bluetooth having trouble in both cases. Realise that the watch HAS NO CAMERA – it simply uses your phone’s camera(s), however your phone can make if hard for your watch to get access to the camera. Likewise with the music player – your watch simply controls the phone music app, and outputs it thru the watch (lame IMO) or via the headphones on your phone if they are plugged in (less lame, if plugging a car FM transmitter into your phone headphones you can control you car audio via your watch).
  4. Can’t get messages/texts? Messages will require the BT Notifier app installed AND CONFIGURED (selecting which apps to push, allowing notification / accessibility access) and your phone to be connected to your watch. As previously mentioned I often push Smartwatch app notifications from the phone to the watch just a a test. Texts are a bit different. Basic SMS should almost always sync with the watch if it’s connected, however nowadays Google Hangouts blurs the line between SMS and instant messaging. The watch however treats them very differently – as SMS and generic notifications, respectively.
  5. Best app to connect with? Can’t reiterate strongly enough – BT Notifier! (Appears on phone as “Smartwatch”) it beats MediaTek hands down for reliable connecting.
  6. Why can’t I hear my phone calls on it? You’ve got your bluetooth volume too low (probably on your phone). When the watch is connected and doing something that uses volume (making a call, listening to music, etc) you should simply be able to use your phone’s volume rocker buttons (normally on the side of the phone).

Finally, I can’t stress enough – this is a cheap smartwatch. For its cheap price, what is does is great! But don’t expect too much of it.

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