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What if the TPP arm twisting doesn’t help Foxtel (et al)

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So, the TPP is inching towards being signed into force, and ignoring the arguably bigger issues (companies’ ability to sue countries for progressive laws, increased medicine costs, etc), Foxtel etc will be fair quivering with excitement over the presumed flood of consumers returning to them.

After all, as soon as they make a few examples (you know, little old ladies, uni kids, etc) of those downloading TV for their own use, we’ll all be too afraid to pirate, right?

Maybe. A bit. If the TPP also has rules criminalising proxies and the like. But be that as it may, are we all going to link hands and skip merrily back to Foxtel’s arms and coffers?

Not necessarily, I suspect. Or at least not without substantial carrots. For me, access to EVERY US TV show I like (you know, all HBO, Netflix, etc). Not just last season’s leaving either (or even last month’s leavings). No, the internet now has me expecting CURRENT episodes… for the WHOLE SEASON. And as a bonus, the ability to time shift them, so I’m not forced to rip half of them out from behind the same time slots as the other half.

If Foxtel can do that, I’ll be first in line to return to throwing $65 every month at them – but not likely until then.