Month: August 2017

Is CloudFlare too big to (be allowed to) censor?

Recently CloudFlare (CF) kicked a paying customer off their platform. I expect they wold have pro-rata refunded the customer’s payment, however the internet is going wild about censorship of free speech among other things. An interesting claim by some is that CF shouldn’t be allowed to censor the customer (apparently a neo-nazi site called Daily…
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2017-08-21 0

FoxTel et al should be suing NBN Co for destroying their biz model

I’ve been avidly watching NBN dramas unfold lately – after all, I live in Australia so will have to “downgrade” from low level ADSL to the NBN too soon myself. And the vast majority of people’s complaints tend to involve peak hour congestion damaging their NBN connection to the extent that they can’t stream media…
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2017-08-03 0