How can humanity resolve its baser instincts?

When it comes to contentious issues both “sides” of the political landscape vie to out emote each other in a mud slinging match. While I might consider myself more left than right leaning, both extremes are equally guilty of similar histrionics, whether it’s the alt right haters and other zealots, ¬†or the extreme left that Read more about How can humanity resolve its baser instincts?[…]

Combating digital addiction

A very well written and considered article by someone who has not only been immersed in the culture that fuels our digital addiction, but presents a well reasoned argument on how we can or should deal with it. In short, tech companies intentionally design apps, interfaces, etc to play on our psychological vulnerabilities desire for Read more about Combating digital addiction[…]

OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea

We’re planning to build a new house. My wife has dived into most areas of the build, however I’ve been handed control over it’s (assumed) automation setup. While everything will be budget affected, I believe I should be able to create a reasonably sophisticated home automation setup – and by my current testing, I’m inclined Read more about OpenHab – awesome design, reasonable UI, great idea[…]