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Aldi’s Bauhn bluetooth chargable speakers -awesome worksite item

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T1WWfQXaVcXXaiRGo0_033937_0For all those arriving here from a search on Aldi bluetooth speakers (perhaps from America), note the photo I use, which is the exact model of speakers I’m referring to – I note Aldi USA recently sold a similar but different item.

 I grabbed one of these on sale at Aldi, and Wow! They are so much better than any external phone speakers I’ve had before. I propped it nearby while doing some cementing recently, and was able to walk around (several metres away) and work with my phone in my pocket, (good for my pedometer app) with minimal signal loss pushing music to it via Bluetooth. I did learn though, that the Nexus 4 Bluetooth is significantly affected by having the WiFi or 3G turned on.