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An AI generated post

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AI Gaze by RogueDawg777 on DeviantArt

Interesting. WordPress has baked in an AI Assistant to help you write posts (in essence to write them for you). Lets see how it goes, spruiking itself. So, the following is written by their AI Assistant.

AI-powered writing assistants offer numerous benefits for content creation. They can significantly speed up the writing process by generating draft text quickly, freeing up valuable time for ideation and editing. With advanced language models, these AI tools ensure grammatical accuracy and coherence, often catching mistakes that human writers might overlook. Furthermore, AI can provide fresh perspectives and ideas, helping to break through writer’s block and enhance creativity. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can tailor content to be more engaging and relevant to specific audiences, improving overall reader satisfaction and engagement. This technological aid allows writers to focus more on the quality and depth of their content, while the AI handles routine aspects of writing.

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