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NAS bare-ass on the internet

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Dang! Seems our old home NAS is bare-ass on the internet, with a hardcoded credential that is remotely exploitable (CVE-2024-3274). The suggested workaround is to turn off uPNP on the router, which I’d rather not do as I assume it’d affect family gaming consoles.

I’d also prefer not to fork out to replace the NAS if not needed. So I figure:

  1. Add port forwardings to the router to pre-claim 80/443 and direct them to a never existent IP and port (say in a neighbouring C block)
  2. or, setup a VM to act as a proxy between the NAS and the internet, and drop 80/443 packets

I’d prefer option 2 but I’m not sure I can be bothered refreshing my iptables etc knowledge.

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