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So, the MS doctors prescribed me Baclofen from around the start of August, and I’ve been taking (a fairly low dose of) it for the about the last 6 weeks.

Initially it seemed quite good and effective at giving me back fine muscle control, however lately I’ve been feeling its down sides more than its up sides. It reduces the stiffness of my muscles, which was good on calves for walking and on hands for typing. But it has a common side effect of muscle weakness, and lately it’s been more noticeable, even at my low dose.

So today I’ve tried not taking any, and while my typing was noticeably more affected, my walking and balance are noticeably improved – I can go up and down stairs and lift my feet better, which had been becoming an increasing problem.

Perhaps I’ll save it for more judicious use, only where really needed. Or perhaps just once a day. Time will tell.