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Effect of getting too hot on MS

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So this is all new to me, however I’m glad I have leaped into research mode, otherwise this could be a fairly freaky thing to discover. I had read that people with MS are often adversely affected by getting too hot, however I’d barely experienced it myself until last night.

It has been compounded by a cold/flu the whole family has got at the moment. I hadn’t realised the symptoms it brought with it until I also came down with it. It’s a doozy of a cold, with sniffles, sore throat, coughing, but also with headaches, eye aches, weakness and fever. And it was the fever that brought me unstuck.

The thing about fever is that you don’t have much scope to cool yourself down. I went from walking reasonably normally the previous afternoon, to dragging myself along the floor and getting helped up on to the toilet that night.

Thank goodness the overheating effect abates more or less as soon as you can cool down. A cold night and cold floor meant that I was (just) able to walk back to bed after probably 15 minutes on the toilet.