CBA’s card lock is awesome, but beware of authorised payments

The new Card Lock system by the CBA sure makes your credit card secure – sometimes too secure. What happens when you need to allow authorised recurring payments? By and large I’m very impressed with the CBA’s new card lock features. I like the security of knowing no-one can make unauthorised purchases on my card…
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2014-07-04 0

PushBullet: View your phone comms on the big screen

Since embracing IFTTT, WeMo et al I’m always on the lookout for new services that can relieve the everyday tech tedium. Enter (most lately) PushBullet. When I arrive at work I’d love to get all my Twitter, Google+ etc notifications on my desktop, read them, and mark them as read without having to dig out…
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2014-06-25 0