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CoViD-19. Wow.

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In truth I’m not sure what to make of it all. I’ve just seen a company-wide memo that with schools announced to close Tuesday we’ll be working from home unless our role needs us not to.

It’s an eventuality our company prepared for in the last few weeks, yet it’s still kind of surreal. Thank goodness our kids are happy playing in their rooms, as dad is going to be working from the dining room table.

We’ll do what little we can, patronising local food establishments, however as an immunocompromised person I have to be careful.

UPDATE: now that the government’s $750 one off stimulus has arrived (and given we’re doing financially fine) I think it’s time to pour it back into the economy. If any shops are still open I’m going to grab an exercise bike, perhaps some weights, and get into some DIY home physiotherapy.