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Fingbox, excellent home network protection

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A while ago I got a Fingbox off their Indigogo or Kickstarter campaign (can’t remember which). I’d long used their Fing phone app and considered it one of the best easy network tools I’ve seen – and for a phone no less.

And the Fingbox doesn’t disappoint. The biggest gripe I have about it is that some things it does (eg IDS) it doesn’t report on with enough detail that I can trust its statement that all’s well. But that’s it.

It shows you not only what’s on your network, but what’s nearby, allows you to group your network devices by who owns it, apply network access controls by user and time of day, test Internet speed, notify of Internet outages and slow downs. It has useful network tools like ping, traceroute, wake on lan, port scan, reporting on open ports, analysing bandwidth hogs , etc.

My wishlist is for it to include a VPN server.