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Home power monitoring – TP-Link Kasa

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My next thing to (re)try is home power monitoring.

I don’t have a need to turn off the power points in question, and my only intent is to monitor power draw to calculate costs and perhaps infer when devices are on. As such while local API access would be ideal I don’t mind if it requires a cloud API to query the data.

(later) Well, setup was easy enough. It suffered the typical gremlin of struggling to jump from the home WiFi to the “new device” WiFi, until manually done. But otherwise smooth, as was connecting it to Google Home. Forums suggest local API access (for power draw stats) might be tricky, but this will do for now.

Next will be using power draw to 1) infer when a load of washing or drying is finished, and 2) capture power stats to feed into the daily/billing period estimates of power cost.

Continued in Part 2