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Reading Kasa / Tapo plug energy meter

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Continuation from Part 1

So, next step is hooking the energy meter smart plugs up to my home automation (node-red). Ideally to get real time and other energy usage stats, rather and merely controlling power switches.

Integrating Kasa plugs didn’t prove that much trouble. Skim the tp-link github project for endpoints etc, plug them into node-red, learn and map a series of interactions, and boom.

However the more recent TP-Link smart plugs I ordered were supplied as Tapo rather than Kasa for some reason. Seems the Tapo ones don’t do API yet – only phone app. However bit of browsing their relevant github project, a bit of guesswork while tinkering with my existing node-red Kasa flow, and boom – Tapo API integration.

Sort of. Discovered that they are indeed still in the process of integrating the Tapo devices with the TPlink cloud API, and haven’t yet done the energy meter type smart plugs yet. Oh well, close.

POC flow here