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Huh, so seems I have MS. Well that sucks.

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So lately I’d been noticing certain bodily conditions worsening (muscle stiffness, coordination), to where I could no longer convince myself it was just something mundane – and to where I was getting worried about how much it was affecting my daily life.

I went to my local GP and unusually for me, drove the conversation with my (mine and Dr Google’s) thoughts on what I might have, all the symptoms and timing observations that supported the thoughts, and convinced him that something serious enough was amiss to need deeper investigation.

He did what he could but it wasn’t until I got referred to a Neurologist that the diagnosis/treatment snowball really started rolling.

After that it’s been a mental, emotional, physical roller coaster ride, only easing towards anything approaching normal as the initial tests and treatments run their course, and I begin to fully digest what MS is and what it will mean going forward.

I think I’ll journal a lot of such thoughts here, so I’ll keep this reasonably brief for now.