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Intuitives part 2: aggregation

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So years ago I wrote about intuitive apps, which has lately got me thinking – in my mind a next level for that would be app(s) which organise and curate such intuitively gathered information for you, so it’s at your fingertips without having to remember where it is, how to access it, how to integrate it with other data feeds, etc.

Bonus points would be earned for things which can analyse all those data points about you and make meaningful and actually personalised inferences (I think where most such systems fail ala doubleclick, is that they are only trying to use inferences about you to fit you into one of their narrowly defined groups).

While I’ll keep this thought-bite brief, let’s consider what type of data would ideally be curated. Fitness/health, files/images/AV, events and notes, activities, deadlines (bills, servicing). Useful types of curating/inferences: data available anywhere on demand, all captured facets of life queryable through an analytics platform, automatic scheduling and reminding of deadline events, predictive music etc.