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Iteratively refining email lists by send-open-click analytics

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v6logoSomething that just dawned on me while web grazing today, is that I can collect analytics on our newsletter lists – at least with Vision6 – and feed that back into refining our lists.

For example, Vision6 lets us see exactly which list members clicked the email, as well as their platform, which links they clicked, how many, etc. Our site stats show that mobile device visits to our site are on the rise – not just in counts, but in percentage of total visits. And of these mobile visitors, a sad but true (for us at least) fact is that 99% of sales come from iPhone/iPad users.

So suddenly it’s a powerful tool to be able to identify which list members use iOS devices – especially since essentially we’re identifying their mobile platform of choice (as well as their propensity to open our emails, which we should also be tallying) from just their email address.