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Mindfulness and MS

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So as much as my physiotherapy, I think mindfulness (and an unhealthy dose of acceptance) is the biggest aid to dealing with my MS. And to be clear here, as far as someone with MS, I’ve got it pretty easy. While I’ve likely had it at least a decade, it didn’t manifest recognisably until recently – at age 45. And while it has certainly affected my balance, strength, and muscle stiffness – that’s mostly it, and not to unmanageable levels. I just need to constantly mentally adjust to my new limitations.

But I think a big part of adjusting to my limitations, being observant of the climate, and forcing my movement to be as good as it can be, comes down to mindfulness. Making myself maintain an active attention to my balance and leg control. Noticing when it’s getting hot enough to cause me to deteriorate. Not trying to go faster than I now can.