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MS:more blah masquerading as deterioration?

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I’m never sure when worse times hit whether the physical impairment itself is worse, or the mental frustration and impatience with the body.

I’ve been a bit worse today after a big lunch and post-food coma, so I have to keep firmly in front of mind that this is in all likelihood just a few hours of blah and nothing worse.

Probably I have to dial back the double lemon chicken (w/jalapenos in the sauce) as I think it’s what hits me worst.

I hit some Baclofen to see if it could help my hands and walking, but I think taking it when you feel worse in the hope of improvement, is the wrong time to take it. You just end up trading muscle stiffness drop foot for muscle weakness drop foot.

I think what makes it feel worse than it is, is if you have things to do.